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KHARTOUM - 18 Nov 2013

Duty free shops to be established on Sudan-South Sudan border

Sudan’s High Council for Investment (SHCI) has announced it will establish duty free shops and areas on checkpoints along Sudan-South Sudan borders. SHCI said this measure would stimulate local trade and exportation of goods to South Sudan.

The Director of Areas and Duty Free Shops Operations in the Sudanese National Investment Authority, said idea is aimed at organising and improving trade between the two countries. It also aims at attracting international companies to add quality to goods exported.

Director Muntasir Khalid El Sadiq added the initiative would also stimulate the use of local materials available in border states, “particularly White Nile and Sennar”. “The opening of duty free shops and areas will be done in accordance with its law of 2009”.

For its part, the Sudanese Business People Union announced the implementation of new measures with South Sudan regarding transport and trade exchange. It added that necessary arrangements with respect to the implementation of the Joint Cooperation Agreement will be completed soon.

The Union will shortly meet with truck drivers and the Sudanese Chamber of Transport to discuss the newly adopted protocols, the Chamber's chairman Shams El Kamal Hamad disclosed. Hamad told reporters the outcome of the discussions will be forwarded to the Ministry of Transport and concerned authorities of the two countries.

Sudan and South Sudan have “thoroughly” discussed other issues prior to the establishment of duty free shops and areas, Hamad pointed out. These issues comprise security on crossing points and roads in South Sudan, identification of banned goods, documents required from drivers and workers, and the establishment of lounges.

Hamad stressed it is important that South Sudan recognises Sudanese license plates “to simplify transportation and the identification of customs agreements between the two nations.”