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RENK - 17 Sep 2012

Deputy Governor inspects security in Renk

The deputy governor of Upper Nile State John Ibo Muntu visited Renk County to inspect the security situation there in the wake of recent border incidents and unconfirmed allegations of defections within the military.

John Ibo told Radio Tamazuj that the main reason for his visit was to uncover causes of the instability which led to the recent killings of many innocent citizens as well as damage of several agricultural projects and looting of machines in those projects which made some farmers to leave their farms.

On the other hand, the Deputy Governor accused the Government of Sudan of supporting and sending southern militias to destabilize the region, pointing to the peaceful coexistence that characterizes Upper Nile, which he called rich in its diversity, with ethnic diversity from across the Sudan.

He added that the state government does not have any problem with the crossing of the border communities to and from South Sudan. He asserted that the problem is that the Sudanese government is insisting on closing the border and exploiting some southerners to create problems and cause instability in the border areas.

Ibo has been deputy governor since April of this year and formerly was commissioner of Maban County.