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ADDIS ABABA - 10 Oct 2014

Deng Alor says inclusion of Abyei in Sudanese elections is propaganda

Deng Alor, a member of the SPLM ‘former detainees’ at the South Sudanese peace talks in Ethiopia has rejected Abyei’s inclusion in Sudan’s April 2015 elections as mere propaganda.

In September, Sudan’s National Elections Commission announced that the Abyei area will be included as one of the geographical constituencies for the 2015 elections.

The former cabinet minister, who is also an Abyei native, told Radio Tamazuj on Thursday that the idea of the elections commission to include Abyei in 2015 elections is “inappropriate.”

He further said the move is contradictory to the ruling by the international court of arbitration in The Hague on the disputed territory of Abyei between Sudan and South Sudan.

The Ngok Dinka people conducted a popular referendum in October last year, in which the vast majority of people voted to join South Sudan. However, neither Sudan nor South Sudan recognized the plebiscite so far.

“The court clarified that Abyei is a Dinka territory and that the Misseriya tribe come for grazing during dry seasons only,” said Alor.

The South Sudanese politician ruled out any elections to be conducted in Abyei, decrying the decision by the Khartoum government as “propaganda.” He pointed out that the Khartoum government has no control over Abyei area.