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SINGA - 27 Mar 2013

Defence lawyers to meet with Blue Nile detainees in Singa

A group of defence lawyers are expected to meet today with Blue Nile detainees allegedly linked to the Sudanese rebel group, SPLA-N, in the prisons of Singa and Er-Roseires in Sennar state.

They will also meet the Chief Justice and other legislative officials as well as 84 of the 113 detainees, 23 of whom have already been released.

One of the lawyers, Saeed Ahmed, told Radio Tamazuj yesterday en route to Singa town that their team already met with the head of the judiciary, explaining to him the difficulties involved in holding and trying them in Roseires or Damazin.

His challenges were based on complications arising in the administration of the cases at the hands of the authorities. The lawyers will apparently look into this issue with the chief justice before dates for the trials are issued.

Families and rights groups have expressed concerns for detainees in both Blue Nile and South Kordofan states, accused of having links with the SPLA-N.  Many have reported detention without trial or a fair hearing, denial of access to family members and even mistreatment.


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