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YIROL - 29 Jan 2021

Covid-19: Cases increase to 18 in Yirol

The number of positive coronavirus cases in Yirol of South Sudan’s Lakes State has increased to 18. Two days ago, health officials had recorded 12 positive coronavirus cases there. 

Dr. Marial Chewir Koch, a medical director at Yirol Hospital said then that the 12 positive cases were all health workers and some hospital support staff. But now, there are fears that the virus could spread amongst the larger community.

“The cases are now 18, and we have two pending results,” he told Radio Tamazuj on Thursday.

According to Chewir, the health personnel at Yirol Hospital are investigating the index case to determine whether the infection was imported or not.

“The first case had no history of travel outside Yirol but he was in contact with a foreigner who came from abroad to Yirol. He was a consultant who conducted a training. So, we suspect the case that came from outside to be the index case. In addition to that, some people had coronavirus, they died in Juba and their bodies were taken to Yirol. Another possibility of the indigenous spread is there. So, we are investigating all those,” he added.

With a lack of isolation facilities, the virus could spread further. Dr. Chewir has cautioned the public to observe safety measures against the virus including wearing face masks, washing hands regularly with soap, and maintaining a physical distance.

To date, South Sudan has reported more than 3,913 confirmed cases, and 64 deaths, while 3,596 people have recovered.