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WAU - 2 Feb 2018

Court fines doctor 31 cows for army general's death in Wau

A criminal court in Wau town ruled on Thursday that the Wau Teaching Hospital medical doctor Nixon Anthony must pay compensation of 31 heads of cattle for Can. Mathok Akec's death in August last year.

Akec, who was the acting military operations officer in Wau, was rushed to Wau Hospital after he was allegedly poisoned during a workshop for army officers, but died later.

Nixon Anthony Obur, the doctor who received the late, had issued a post-mortem report saying Akec’s death had no signs of food poisoning, prompting the military to arrest him in December last year.

According to the Justice and Peace Commission’s Coordinator in Wau, Natalina Andrea, the court ordered Nixon to pay 31 heads of cows and a Kenyan national was also ordered to pay compensation of 31 heads of cattle for having prepared the food served at the workshop.