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KADUGLI - 17 Jul 2013

Controversy over governor change in South Kordofan

Opinion differs in South Kordofan surrounding the appointment of Ustaz Adam Elfaki to succeed Ahmed Haroun as governor.

Speaking to Radio Tamzuj, a source who preferred not to be named said that the majority of people were surprised by the appointment of Elfaki.

Daud Abukalam, a journalist from Kadugli, capital of South Kordofan, added that most of the observers “had expected the appointment of a governor acceptable to all citizens because of the critical juncture in the state”. He said that “the priority now in South Kordofan is peace”.

A citizen of Kadugli who did not wish to be named told Radio Tamazuj that the women in Kadugli have organised a protest calling for the reinstatement of Haroun. The civil administration have demanded his return after the presidential decree.

The woman added that Haroun said his appointment is from the centre. “It is obvious that the SPLA has refused to engage in negotiations in the presence of governor Haroun. The government therefore preferred to appoint Elfaki governor,” she concluded. 

File photo: Kadugli, capital of South Kordofan