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JUBA - 24 May 2021

Chief and son Killed in Jebelen, along Juba- Nimule highway

Authorities in Magwi County of Eastern Equatoria State say a chief and his son were killed on Sunday in Molujere village of Jebelen in Central Equatoria State.

The area chief identified as Santino Wani was murdered along with his son Elia Santino when unknown attackers stormed their home.

Ochieng David Tokwaro, the Magwi County Executive Officer, suspects the deceased chief was killed during a robbery because his goats were driven away by the murderers.

“The Payam Executive Officer of Agoro told me that the incident happened yesterday (Sunday) in Jebelen in a village called Molujere. A chief was killed, including his son, just because of goats. He has so many goats at home. Then they killed him and his son and the killers drove away with the goats and in fact, this area is under Central Equatoria,” Ochieng said.

Meanwhile, Captain David Kasmiro, the police Inspector in Nimule town, confirmed the incident after getting information from the Criminal Investigations Department officers on the ground.

“That area does not belong to us but I tried to confirm. That area belongs to Central Equatoria but I confirmed from those of CID and they said yes it happened. This is not in Aru but it happened between Jebelen and Kuba, there is a place called Kuba. The chief and his son were killed and they even raided goats or heads of cattle, I don’t know. These are robbers,” Capt. Kasmiro said.

Last week, six people were killed when armed men raided nearly 4000 head of cattle in Achwa, Magwi County of Eastern Equatoria State.