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WAU COUNTY - 19 Sep 2023

CEPO trains Bagari residents on information awareness

The Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO) over the weekend conducted a training session in Bagari Payam, Wau County in Western Bahr el Ghazal State aimed at raising awareness about information dissemination.

This initiative followed the return of Bagari residents to their homes after more than seven years of conflict, during which they had sought refuge in a United Nations protection camp since 2017.

Speaking to Radio Tamazuj during the event on Sunday, CEPO’s representative, Franco John Ungango, said the training was attended by 20 participants.

“Today we were having an awareness day in the Bagari area. It was attended by 40 participants, including chiefs of the payam, women, youths, and a group of individuals with physical disabilities,” he said. “The training aimed to help participants understand how to access clear information in Bagari Payam, as many people were not aware of how to obtain accurate information.”

Participants expressed their gratitude for the training and knowledge they gained, particularly concerning the effective sharing and dissemination of information.

Juma Wanawila, a youth representative, shared his thoughts, saying said he benefited greatly from the training provided by CEPO.

“The workshop was beneficial. We have acquired knowledge on how to convey clear and accurate information and discern misleading information before sharing it with others.” He said. “There are many challenges in Bagari Payam, but through this workshop, we will gain the skills to improve our lives and work together with others.”

For his part, Francis Andrea, the chief of Bagari, urged CEPO to continue supporting the local community in his area.

I am very pleased with the training conducted by CEPO and their partners who came to train chiefs, youth, women, elders, and people living with disabilities. Let today not be the last training by CEPO in Bagari Payam because it is a large area,” he said. “We have benefited from this training, but let chiefs, youth leaders, and women representatives pass on this information to those who could not attend because this training makes a significant difference in the lives of the people in Bagari.”