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WAU - 28 Feb 2020

Bodaboda rider commits suicide in Wau

Residents of Wau town in Western Bahr el Ghazal State are mourning the death of a bodaboda rider who allegedly killed himself on Monday.

The rider identified as James Mario Ochalla, 18, is reported to have committed suicide after he failed to remit 13,000 SSP meant for the bike owner.

The incident occurred at Hai Jezeera.

Marjan Emilio, the deceased’s uncle, said the incident happened in his absence while his wife had also left home for a nearby market.

“My wife came back and found that the boy had hanged himself due to the problems he had,” Emilio explained.

Emilio urged the youth to share problems with their parents or friends to get solutions, not to commit suicide or make wrong decisions.

Deacon Andrew Garang, the family coordinator at Wau Catholic Diocese, said all the problems in this world have solutions. “Just share your problem with people and it will be solved because suicide is not a solution to a problem,” he said.

This was the fifth suicide incident recorded in Wau town this year.