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AYOD - 30 Aug 2020

Ayod flood victims in dire need of food, shelter

Thousands of residents affected by floods in Ayod County of Jonglei state are in dire need of shelter, food and medical aid. 

Gabriel Tot, a coordinator for the Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (RRC) in the area, said: “In Jiech, Nyanpan, Korwai, Ayod, Wau, Weibol, Kuacdeng and other areas, people abandoned their homes since July 29. The number of displaced people currently stands at 18,733, but the number is increasing.”

He added, “The displaced people settled along the Jonglei Canal and in Dukri area, so they sleep in the open without food, shelter and healthcare services.”

The RRC official urged the government and aid agencies to intervene.

Last month, the RRC warned that thousands of people displaced by floods and conflict could face serious food shortages if not supported.