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AWEIL - 18 Apr 2013

Aweil residents petition state assembly over land dispute

Approximately 100 citizens in Aweil town, Northern Bahrel-Ghazal state, petitioned the State Legislative Assembly on Wednesday over a land dispute with a former advisor to the governor.

The disputed land lies in Maper Akot Aru in Aweil town centre and, according to local sources, the former governor’s advisor for agriculture, Jeil Dhieu, has taken plot cards distributed to local citizens in order to legitimately claim ownership of land.

Radio Tamazuj was told by some of the local citizens that they handed over the plot cards as they saw that one of the men visiting was a government employee and so trusted him.

“They took (plot) numbers from us because they were going with someone possessing a map yesterday. So we have complained because an architect is a government (employee) and cannot walk with a thief …and that is why we are here so that if this is known that the government (are) to take our numbers, then we want to hear,” exclaimed one of the protestors.

A letter of petition has been submitted to the state legislative speaker, Monica Achol William, in person and she has reportedly promised that the house will promptly look into the matter.

Citizens affected by this land dispute include internally displaced people and others who were relocated last year after flooding in the state.

Radio Tamazuj tried to reach Dhieu for comment but was unable reach him.