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Aweil: Governor Tong launches police training ahead of elections

Governor Tong Akeen Ngor of Northern Bahr el Ghazal State inaugurated the refreshment training for 1000 police personnel in Aweil on Tuesday. This initiative is in line with the recent instructions from South Sudan’s Inspector of Police, mandating refreshment training throughout the country.

The training, designed for both officers and non-commissioned officers, is set to span 45 days, as outlined by state officials.

During the event, Governor Tong expressed gratitude to the South Sudan Police Service for organizing the extensive training. He urged the trainees to approach the opportunity with seriousness, emphasizing the importance of honing their skills and knowledge to effectively serve the public and safeguard properties, particularly in the upcoming elections next year.

Governor Aken, addressing the opening ceremony at the Aweil police headquarters, directed the trainees to actively absorb the skills and knowledge provided during the training. He emphasized the significance of enforcing the rule of law and continuing efforts to prevent various crimes in the state.

“We are adhering to the orders of the Inspector General of Police in South Sudan, which mandate that police forces across all states undergo field training. The current forces undergoing training in the field include one thousand individuals, comprising both senior officers and non-ranking members,” Aken stated.

Aken underscored that the training is primarily centered on orienting officers regarding the rule of law in preparation for the upcoming elections next year.

“This police training serves as a protective measure during the forthcoming elections. After the initial 45 days, the training will progress to a second phase emphasizing the rule of law,” he explained.

State Police Commissioner, Major Gen. Philip Madut Tong Ajongo, elaborated that the 45-day refreshment training includes a focus on physical fitness. Following this, lectures will be conducted to delve into the laws of South Sudan and the Police Act. This directive stems from the Inspector General of Police (IGP), emphasizing that every police officer must refresh their knowledge and skills on engaging with civilians to foster enduring friendship and cooperation.

“We will continue this training for 45 days, emphasizing physical fitness, the rule of law, and the laws outlined in the South Sudan Police Act,” Ajongo stated.