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MINGKAMEN CAMP - 23 Mar 2014

Authorities try to shut down Mingkamen port market

County authorities have ordered the closure of Mingkamen port market in eastern Lakes State, setting land aside for its relocation elsewhere. Some traders are resisting the move. 

Mingkamen has become home to tens of thousands of Dinka Bor who crossed from Jonglei State. Their arrival in Awerial County has heightened tensions over land, amid tensions within the security forces in the county. 

The local authorities in Lakes State have cited both security and hygiene concerns in relocating the Mingkamen port market, which is close to the Nile. 

After ordering the market closed more than a week ago, the county authorities have started demolishing shops. People are supposed to relocate to the roadside market, according to the humanitarian radio station Miiya FM, which was set up recently in Mingkamen.

Inspector of local government Philip Chuti Areet, a member of the land committee in Mingkaman, says people are resisting to move to the new roadside market. He says the army and wildlife service were brought in to remove people’s stalls by the river.

But some traders are still operating at the old market despite the government order to shut down business activities there. Anyieth Mayen said she is still selling goods at the old market. She says she doesn’t want to move but she has no choice.

According to Areet, business people who have registered with the county office will be given business land to build their new shops at the new market.

Photo: A scene of Mingkamen port, Lakes State (Danish Church Aid/Iztok Hocevar)