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DORO CAMP - 26 Apr 2013

At least 7 wounded in Maban County clashes

Doro Camp in Upper Nile State witnessed clashes yesterday and today between the Maban host community and the Sudanese refugees.

A source close to the events told Radio Tamazuj that nine people involved in the clashes were injured seriously. “Nine people in total have got injured, seven from the host community and two from the refugees,” he said.

The source explained that the fight started between one member of the Uduk tribe at a water point and members of the host community. Allegedly, the refugee was beaten up by members of the host community when he went to fetch water.

The two sides then clashed at Digi, east of the camp, near the road leading to Yabus. “Nobody knows what will happen next, despite the army’s protection of the refugees,” he said.

Habil Zeky, the deputy supervisor of Doro Camp, confirmed the fight and said that the South Sudanese army intervened and dispersed the two sides. He noted that market and school in the camp were affected by the clashes while the movements of the people were also hindered.

File photo: Refugee children in Maban County, 2012 (Radio Tamazuj)