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EAST DARFUR - 28 Mar 2013

Armed group attacks goods train between Nyala and Daein

Sources reported yesterday that an armed group hijacked a train loaded with goods that was heading from Nyala in South Darfur to Daein in East Darfur.

The attack occurred during the afternoon between the areas of Khor Taan and Shram with the hijackers demanding a ransom of 10,000 Sudanese pounds (SDG).

When their demand was refused, witnesses reported an explosion coming from the train, reportedly with a mortar shell, destroying two vehicles being transported.

One of the train drivers was wounded in the attack and is said to be receiving medical treatment in Taan.

It is not yet known who the attackers are although the Sudan Tribune reports that the governor of South Darfur, Hammad Ismail Hammad, claimed that the train was attacked by rebels.