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Al-Daein Youth Initiative celebrates 10 years of providing Ramadan breakfast to patients

The Youth for the Nation Initiative in Sudan’s East Darfur State is set to celebrate 10 years of serving Ramadan breakfast (Iftar) to patients and caregivers in Al-Daein Teaching Hospital.

Dr. Ali Mahmoud, the Director of Al-Daein Teaching Hospital, told Radio Tamazuj that the youth initiative has recently been serving displaced people too.

“The Youth for the Nation initiative is celebrating its tenth anniversary in the coming days in Al-Daein City, East Darfur State. Since its inception, it has been providing Ramadan breakfast services to patients and caregivers inside the hospital,” he said. “This year, the assistance has expanded to include displaced people at Al Khansaa Center who arrive before Iftar time to receive their share of breakfast.”

The media coordinator of the initiative, Salih Abu-Alamah, said the initiative is run by young people who want to serve humanity in various fields in Al-Daein.

“The initiative was established in 2014 to provide direct assistance during Ramadan every year,” he explained. “It implements a Ramadan basket project for needy families and a fixed Iftar project throughout the month for about 500 families and for hospital caregivers at Al-Daein Hospital.”

A volunteer in the initiative, Muzdalifa Musa Abdullah, praised the efforts of volunteers who come daily at 4 p.m. to prepare juices and distribute porridge dishes and Ramadan Iftar to caregivers and poor families from different neighborhoods who are at the hospital.

Adam Najeeb, another member of the initiative, thanked the contributors supporting the Iftar project from inside and outside Al-Daein, as well as the volunteers for their significant efforts in implementing the project.

“The initiative includes all segments of East Darfur society to provide the Ramadan breakfast for hospital patients, as well as for the neediest people in the neighborhoods,” he said.

According to Najeeb, despite the ongoing war, the food varieties offered this year are different and of higher quality.

A social activist, Ahmed Mohammed Hamdoun Bannani, praised the diverse voluntary activities undertaken by a group of initiatives, representing the youth of Al-Daein.

“Youth initiatives have replaced civil society organizations in Al-Daein, filling the gap left by those organizations,” he observed.

There are three notable initiatives in the town committed to serving the people of the state. These include the Youth for the Nation initiative, which has committed to providing Iftar during Ramadan; Al-Daein Emergency Room, which provides Iftar to five of the displaced housing centers, and the Negative Phenomena Initiative, which works on raising awareness among citizens about the dangers of carrying weapons and the risks of criminal behavior, aiming to promote acceptance of others.