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KUWALIB, NUBA MTS. - 21 Oct 2012

Airstrike wounds two boys in Nuba Mountains

Two boys were wounded by an airstrike on Kuwalib Village in the Nuba Mountains last week, the Sudan Catholic Radio Network reported on Saturday.

An Antonov aircraft attacked the village at about 1:00 p.m. last Monday and the bombs fell near the local market, according to the Catholic Radio Network, which operates an FM station within the territory controlled by the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (North).

One of the victims was brought by his father to the local hospital on a motorbike. Malik Abdu Mumtalib, aged 13, was injured by shrapnel from the explosions.

His father, Abdu Mumtalib Kuwa Bashir, said another boy was also injured in the attack but did not know his whereabouts or condition.

Radio Tamazuj learnt Friday also that another airstrike hit the Buram area, killing several livestock. There were no other casualties reported.