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KADUGLI - 8 Mar 2013

Activist Jalila Khamis seeks peace on International Women’s Day

Sudanese activist and former prisoner, Jalila Khamis Kuku, highlighted the plight of Sudanese women in the conflict zones of South Kordofan, Blue Nile and Darfur as part of a celebration for international women’s day today.

She claimed that, while women over the globe are celebrating the women’s day, those in Sudan’s conflict zones are seeking only a peaceful and safe security situation for their survival.

Kuku added that her arrest last year coincided with the celebration of international women’s day, a time when she was advocating for peace and stability in South Kordofan and all the conflicts regions of the Sudan.

She discussed that women in Sudan are able to have little impact on their nation given the present situation, but “women have declared charters calling for women’s rights which must be transferred to the ground,” she added.

Kuku called upon the relevant parties consider women in Sudan’s border areas on this occasion and show empathy until they regain their rights in Sudan.

Kuku, originally from the Nuba mountains, was arrested last year and held for months, accused of ‘collaboration’ with the Sudanese rebel group, SPLM-N until the charges were finally dropped during her trial.

Photo: Jalila Khamis Kuku