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ABYEI - 22 Dec 2012

Abyei returnees find poor schools

Citizens of the contested area of Abyei have complained of the deterioration of the education system in the area.

The Deputy Director for General Education in the area of Aneit, Alor Yai, told Radio Tamazuj that the education standards in the area are dropping due to the lack of good infrastructure and professional teachers since the repatriation of the refugees to the area and the eviction of the Sudan Armed Forces.

Yai added that the majority of displaced Abyei citizens had returned, but the area is now facing an acute shortage of educational materials such as school books and other necessary items.

In addition, Abyei has only ten primary schools servicing the needs of more than 22,000 students, and three secondary schools for 1700 students.

Yai stated that the destruction of the area by armed forces contributed to the current bad condition, as the conflict destroyed health facilities, schools and other essential institutions in the area.

Yai further urged the Sudan Government to stop attacking and threatening the stability of the area, and called upon all the NGOs who promised to assist Abyei to comply with their promises in order to restore hope for building the area.

Photo: A destroyed schoolhouse in Tajalei, Abyei, March 12, 2010 (Tim Freccia/Enough Project)