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KHARTOUM - 25 Oct 2013

About 1,600 displaced return to Abu Kershola Locality, South Kordofan

The Humanitarian Aid Commission in South Kordofan has announced that approximately 1,600 displaced who fled from Abu Karshola have returned following the fighting between the Sudanese Armed Forces and the Sudanese Revolutionary Front in April 2013.

According to the commission’s report, returnees are experiencing a lack of medical care, schooling for children as well as other essential services. At least 900 children returned with their parents and they found they had missed the academic year.

The local residents in Abu Karshola are reportedly still also fearing from unexploded ordinance, according to the aid commission. 

Humanitarian assessments are reportedly underway in Abu Kershola, Rahad and Rashad localities.

File photo:  Dr. Suleiman Abdel-Rahman, Sudan’s commissioner for humanitarian aid