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MOROBO - 20 Mar 2018

600 ex-rebel fighters undergo military training in Morobo

Former rebel fighter undergo military training in Morobo County (Radio Tamazuj)
Former rebel fighter undergo military training in Morobo County (Radio Tamazuj)

At least 600 former rebel forces are undergoing intensive military training in Morobo County in South Sudan’s Yei River State.

In April 2017, a breakaway group of the Sudan People’s Liberation Army-In-Opposition in Yei River state led by Hillary Yakani signed a peace deal with the state government, and declared a permanent ceasefire to end fighting in the area.

Speaking at the launch of a three-month military training in Morobo County over the weekend, General Morsal Stephen, chairperson of the technical security committee who represented the government army, said the former rebel fighters will undergo intensive military training before they could be integrated into the SPLA army.

“We know you have waited for us patiently and the right time for your training has come,” he said.

Morshal said the army’s top leadership is commitment to establish a professional military institution in South Sudan.

Brigadier General Hillary Yakani, leader of the SPLA-IO breakaway group, said his forces are ready to undergo the military training before the integration process and ready to join the government forces to help protect and rebuild the nation.

Yakani urged his forces to actively participate in the three-month military training.

Meanwhile, the governor of Yei River State Emmanuel Adil Anthony reiterated his call for peace, protection of civilians and their properties.

“I have said from day one that we need to work for peace and reconciliation with all our armed opposition groups. We need to make Yei great again. With such trainings, I will therefore put my full support so that we realize peace and stability in Yei River State, “he added.