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5 Stories You May Have Missed

Don't get left behind. A look back over a few stories of the last week from national and international press:

NCP figure calls to remove South Kordofan governor (Sudan Tribune, 20 October 2012) – A Nuba MP in Sudan’s ruling party unexpectedly slammed Governor Ahmed Harun. Her remarks prompted a strong reaction  from party spokesman Badr Al Din Ahmed Ibrahim.   

New Video Shows Abu Tira Attacking South Kordofan Village (YouTube/NubaReports, 16 October 2012) – Cell phone footage from earlier this year shows ‘Abu Tira’ militia torching a village and interrogating a youth they suspect to be a rebel.

S. Sudan expects first oil exports in 90 days after restart (Reuters, 18 October 2012) – Oil Minister Stephen Dieu Dau instructed foreign oil companies to resume production of crude oil.

Rapid Food Security and Nutrition Assessment (pdf)  (The Enough Project, 18 October 2012) – The data in this report purports to come from an NGO that conducted a field assessment in South Kordofan from 5-19 August but wishes to remain anonymous. But the report is published by an US-based advocacy organization. ‘The Enough Project was solely responsible for the report’s final production and distribution but did not contribute to its content or findings,’ the editor of the report stated.

Accessing loans eased, says Finance Minister (UN Radio, 22 October 2012) – In the wake of the Addis Agreements,  South Sudan has better access to loans, said  Minister Kosti Manibe. He did not give details. 

Photo by Radio Tamazuj: Kwajok airstrip