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JONGLEI - 4 Apr 2014

262 cattle recovered after Twic East raid

Hundreds of cattle have been recovered from raiders in western Jonglei, South Sudan’s largest state, after deadly clashes Wednesday.

A local official told Radio Tamazuj on Friday morning that 262 cattle were recovered from raiders out of 300 taken from Kiir cattle camp in Liith Payam.

The unknown group of raiders was pursued by county youths and policemen, leading to the recovery of much of the herd.

Twic East County Commissioner Dau Akoi said the youths from his county after serious clashes with raiders at Chir near Wunror exactly at Buot Angui managed to return 262 cattle.

At least four people were killed in fighting with raiders in Twic East since Wednesday. Among the four dead and two wounded was an old woman aged 70 who was wounded, said the commissioner. 

Also 36 cows were shot dead during the clashes.

Dau explained that they raiders were identified as Nuer because one of them was killed during the fighting. On the forehead of the slain raider were the tribal markings of the Nuer, and also in his pockets were found Lalop seeds.

"We are suspecting Lou Nuer Youths – not Murle or rebels," Dau stated, adding that he calls on Lou Nuer to stop raiding cattle from innocent civilians.

“There was no connection between their rebellion with the government and raiding civilians cattle," Dau stressed. 

Authorities from neighboring Ayod County could not be reached for comment, nor could civilians in the affected area of Duk, because of limited mobile phone network coverage.