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Aweil - 17 Aug 2021

19-year-old woman commits suicide in Aweil West

Police authorities in Aweil West County in Northern Bahr e Ghazal State said a 19-year-old woman committed suicide by hanging from a tree in Anyuopjang Boma over the weekend. 

No arrests have been made in connection with the incident because of a lack of evidence showing the involvement of other parties in the death, according to the police. 

Speaking to Radio Tamazuj Tuesday, the Aweil West County police inspector, Major Deng Mathon Akot, said the incident happened on Saturday. 

“What happened on 14 August was that a woman called Ajak Atak Uyot, 19 years old, committed suicide by hanging in the area called Anyuopjang. We are investigating her husband Tong Atak on whether they have any disputes but he said no one disputed with her. She just took the rope and entered a nearby forest and hanged herself on a tree. There are no arrested people because there is no clear evidence,’’ Maj. Mathon said.

The Aweil West County executive director, Atuer Arol Kuan, said the deceased went missing from her home on 11 August and people were searching for her until they found her hanging from a tree. 

“She escaped from home on 11 August and people were searching for her until she was found hanging on a tree on 14 August 2021. Maybe she was having disputes with her husband and for this reason, the police are investigating the husband,” Arol said.

Northern Bahr el Ghazal State has in the recent past witnessed an increase in suicide cases.

Dut Pioth Akot, a doctor based in Aweil town, said the increased suicide cases are caused by psychosocial trauma and hard living conditions. He proposes counseling and awareness initiatives through media platforms to address the issue.

“Such incidents are caused by psychosocial trauma due to materialism, economic and even social conditions in the area. It always happens if people disagree and someone is not able to control him or herself. All hormones in the body may escalate and force someone to eliminate himself from the community,’’ Dr. Akot said.