WAU (23 Jan.) - The SPLA-IO faction led by former First Vice President Riek Machar claimed that they repulsed a government attack on their positions in Khor Natabu area along the Bringi-Wau road... full story
JUBA (23 Jan.) - The Vice Chancellor of University of Juba John Akech has issued a decision suspending five lecturers after demanding his removal in December last year. full story
KHARTOUM (23 Jan.) - Sudanese authorities ordered a South Sudanese pastor to leave the country last month for carrying out church activities, sources said. full story
AWEIL EAST (22 Jan.) - The cabinet  of South Sudan's Aweil East state has given approval to recruit about 93 traditional chiefs for the state ministry of local government, a senior local official... full story
RAJA (22 Jan.) - The governor of South Sudan's Lol state Rizig Zachariah Hassan has recently issued a decision removing three state advisers and reshuffling his cabinet partially. full story
JUBA (21 Jan.) - The visit of the King of Morocco to Juba has been postponed, according to foreign officials. full story
JUBA (21 Jan.) - The Jieng (Dinka) Council of elders, a group of self-appointed tribal leaders renewed its position, saying it stands with the government in opposition to deployment of regional... full story
JUBA (20 Jan.) - The new chief of the UN Mission in South Sudan David Shearer has arrived in Juba this evening to take up his duties and was received by members of the UNMISS leadership. full story
JUBA (20 Jan.) - Residents living in displaced camps under UN protection in the South Sudanese capital Juba on Friday demonstrated peacefully in support of Donald Trump’s swearing-in today as the... full story
YAMBIO (20 Jan.) - Over 30 women from rural areas in Yambio County on Thursday called on the people of the newly created Gbudue State to end all forms of violence against women in the community. full story