MUNDRI (5 Feb.) - Aid workers in South Sudan are struggling to deliver food and medical aid to at least 44,000 civilians in Mundri, Western Equatoria state amid numerous reports of starvation... full story
RADIO TAMAZUJ (5 Feb.) - South Sudan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation has downplayed questions around cash payments of more than a half million dollars given to Foreign Minister... full story
MARIDI (5 Feb.) - The Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) Division Six (6) in Maridi under the command of William Ayang on Thursday released 36 people who had been arrested for allegedly... full story
TONJ (5 Feb.) - Authorities in Tonj State have elected new parliamentary leadership after convening a first session of the state legislative assembly following the creation of the state by... full story
KHARTOUM (5 Feb.) - The Sudanese national security service has freed on Thursday 15 women opposition activists who were arrested in a protest over high prices in the markets. full story
KHARTOUM (5 Feb.) - Members of the Governance and Outcomes Committee in Sudan’s ongoing national dialogue have carried out a heated debate on the status of National Intelligence and Security Service... full story
EZO (5 Feb.) - Forty people have died of AIDS-related illnesses in Ezo county of South Sudan's Western Equatoria state since December 2015 after relief groups fled clashes in the area, the... full story
YAMBIO (5 Feb.) - A member of the Western Equatoria militia known as the South Sudan National Liberation Movement accused the SPLA of burning civilian homes in the Gangura area south of Yambio. full story
WARAWAR (5 Feb.) - Businessmen and citizens at two border areas of South Sudan say they have not yet seen any signs of revived cross-border trade after President Omar al-Bashir announced the... full story
RUMBEK (5 Feb.) - Rumbek Centre Commissioner Mawet Manuer says cross-border business has stopped two months ago between locals of Panyijar and Rumbek Centre counties of Unity and Lakes states... full story