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YEI - 15 Apr 2019

Yei archbishop recognized for promoting peace

Photo: Archbishop Elias Taban
Photo: Archbishop Elias Taban

The Archbishop of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of South Sudan, Elias Taban is to be awarded a certificate for promoting peace building among the communities in Yei River State.

Taban was recognized by the state as a peacemaker for his contribution in grassroots campaigns and peace initiatives that aimed at ending violence in the state.

The archbishop, in May 2017 and early this year, mediated a grass root peace deal that saw the breakaway group SPLA-IO headed by Brig. Gen. Hillary Yakani and the Equatoria Non-Allied Forces (ENAF) abandon rebellion to join peace efforts.

“Under the powers given to me by the constitution empowering the governor to give a certificate of honor, I would like to recognize Archbishop Elias and the EPC’s contribution for peace in the state by issuing a certificate of recognition for contributions to peace in Yei and South Sudan,” said Governor Emmanuel Anthony.

He added, “I would like to direct the minister of information to process this certificate to be signed by the governor and to be issued in a public function so that the citizens see this certificate in recognition for peace. I will also recommend to the president of South Sudan that Archbishop Elias Taban be given a peace medal”.

The state governor issued the directive on Wednesday last week.

One of the areas badly affected by South Sudan’s civil war, Yei has witnessed human rights violations and massive displacement since 2016.