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TORIT - 14 Apr 2019

Torit governor warns communities against politicising land issues

Photo: Governor Tobiolo Alberio
Photo: Governor Tobiolo Alberio

The Governor of South Sudan’s Torit State on Thursday warned communities against politicizing land ownership.

Tobiolo Alberio Oromo, while addressing the Nyong, Abalwa and Hillieu communities in an attempt to resolve Torit land disputes, urged citizens not to cause disasters to the royal clan in charge of land.

He warned that government would confiscate the land should local communities continue causing insecurity over its ownership.

“Nobody, be it politics, will intervene. We the communities who stay under the responsibility of these people should not spoil. This is the same family, from there to here. If rituals work for that boy, that spear will automatically come to him. That is their lineage, but we as a community needs good health for them so that they provide us with traditional services to exist peacefully in good health,” said Oromo.

“If there is anything which is trying to cause for us insecurity, immediately the government will come in,” he added.

He urged communities to allow the state government to deliver services, but warned the population against being corrupted by some individuals.

Oromo said government will demarcate land, while allocating open spaces for health, education and youth for smooth service delivery.

“We should not politicize. We don’t want this boy or woman to fight with the husband. We should not make them fight completely. It is the government, through the physical infrastructure ministry to do work and distribute land to the public,” said Oromo.

He further added, “We are embarking on giving services. The empty areas that will be left will be the schools, hospitals, the police and playgrounds for children. These are place that provide services”.

The meeting between the governor and the three communities came a week after an unknown group of people injured a man as the state authorities tried to open roads in Morwari residential area.