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AL DIBEBAT - 8 Mar 2013

Two Umma Party members arrested in South Kordofan

Security officers in Al Dibebat Locality of South Kordofan arrested several days ago two members of the National Umma Party after a political rally.

Ehab Mohamed Madibo, a member of the Umma Party Political Bureau, told Radio Tamazuj that the security organs in Al Dibebat area of South Kordofan arrested Salah Ahmed, the party chairman of Hamadi area, together with a student leader from Jazeera University, Jamal Hamid Al Ansari.

He added that the arrest was due to a rally conducted by the party in Al Dibebat area during which they urged the government to provide and improve services in the region such as health, education, and other basic services that the citizens are lacking.

“The arrest came after three days of continuous investigation by the security services, until they were arrested formally last Tuesday,” Madibo noted.