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WAU - 26 Jul 2012

South Sudan's Jur River farms damaged by herds

Cattle herds in Jur River County damaged crops this season even as the region experiences good planting and rains. The commissioner of the county of Western Bahr El Ghazal speaking over Radio Tamazuj called on all cattle owners to take proper control of their cows to avoid crop destruction.

In a phone interview on Thursday, Jur River County Commissioner Akol Majok Awar said the community this year redoubled their efforts in agriculture but that destruction by cattle remains a major challenge.

Akol ordered all chiefs in the Payams of Jur River County, to notify all cattle keepers to ensure proper grazing control. He discouraged the practice of free grazing whereby cows are set out without anybody controlling them.

Majok also said that all bricklayers by the riverbanks next year will have to evacuate to a new location to allow cattle grazing during the wet seasons.

The community in the neighbouring Wau County has raised a number of complains that cattle from Jur County have been causing damages to their crops in like manner to the damage experienced in Jur County itself.

This allegation was denied by the Commissioner who said that the only cows crossing to Wau County are those that are being taken to market by business men.

Jur River County is expected to realize a boost in harvest of various crops planted this year if rain continues well.