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Abyei - 30 Jan 2012

South Sudan Minister and WFP assess Abyei

South Sudan's Minister of Humanitarian Affairs visited Abyei with the Deputy Director of the World Food Programme on Monday to inspect the humanitarian conditions of citizens.

The Finance Minister said to Radio Tamazuj that there is a gradual return of citizens to Abyei after fleeing the area from bombardment by Sudanese air forces last year.

Ethiopian forces begin voluntary return for Abyei citizens

International forces in the Ethiopian peacekeeping region of Abyei on Saturday resumed voluntary return trips for the Dinka Ngok from the Annette internally displaced persons camp.

The trips were stopped for two weeks whilst the armed Misseriya passed through the area for the annual grazing season with their cattle.

Ethiopian forces conducted a number of trips returning citizens to villages south of Abyei via slightly deviated routes to avoid clashes with the Misseriya.