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BABANUSA - 3 Dec 2012

Protest in Babanusa in west Kordofan

Citizens in Babanusa in the western sector of South Kordofan held a sit-in demonstration yesterday morning at the locality headquarters in protest against the deterioration of services in the city.

A member of the Babanusa youth, Professor Mohamed Yusif, told Radio Tamazuj that citizens held a four-hour protest at the government building yesterday morning. He explained that the protest was caused by the neglect facing the region by the authorities of South Kordofan noting that there is deterioration in health services and education, and instability of electricity.

The gathering yesterday followed a meeting of Babanusa citizens from all walks of life, he said, including traders, workers and students. After the meeting they decided to engage in a sit-in at the headquarters of the commissioner of the region. They also handed over a memorandum to the authorities, demanding the return of power to the city and resumption of work on the Babanusa-Muglad highway.

Protesters asked also for improved health services and rebuilding the hospital, better supply of medicines and doctors. Mohamed Yusif said the protest will continue until next Thursday and if their demands are not met and called for civil disobedience in the city.