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BABANUSA - 5 Dec 2012

Misseriya protest poor government services

A sit-in protest by townsmen at the Babanusa locality building continued for the third day on Tuesday. Western Kordofan has seen several university and street protests in recent months.

The leader of Babanusa’s youth league Ahmed Salim told Radio Tamazuj that hundreds of citizens in the town gathered in front of the locality building demanding better services in the town.

He added that the town is witnessing a terrible situation in term services, noting continued power outages due to the breakdown of generators for more than three months, in addition to the stoppage of water supply.

He further pointed out that the town hospital lack medical equipments and personnel as there is only one general practitioner without professional doctors and staff assistance.

He explained that all activists in the town, youth, students, traders, and the native administration participated in the sit-in. He said that the sit-in will continue until their demands are met.

In the some context, he disclosed that the town commissioner addressed the protestors and stressed the legitimacy of the demands, but argued that his government can not meet the all demands of the protestors due to lack of financial capacity.

“The government is bankrupt,” said the commissioner.

Protestors, for their part, have threatened to use non-peaceful means if the government stalls in responding to their demands.