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KHARTOUM - 20 Jun 2012

Continued air strikes Sudan turn Al Faragil into ghost town

The locality of Al Faragil in South Kordofan has been deserted after two days of non stop air strikes by the Sudanese Air Forces. It is the second time in 2012 that the government tries to recapture the village from the armed opposition in South Kordofan. On the 12th of March the army announced that it had regained complete control over the village, but the Sudanese army was later defeated by the Sudanese Revolutionary Forces (SRF).Several sources informed Radio Tamazuj that the entire population fled the town of Al Faragil, located near the main town of Al Dilling. According to a source a number of citizens fled to the caves in the western Nuba Mountains, 10 citizens were taken by the Sudanese Armed Forces to Al Dilling. According to the displaced people, food is running scare and they are facing severe hardship.