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WADAKONA - 19 Jun 2012

Arrest of Upper Nile nomad leader enters third month

Family members of a leading Arab nomad detained in South Sudan are demanding his release and fear for his health. Sheikh Al Bir, a nazir (chief) representing a group of nomads in Upper Nile has been detained since April 14 in Malakal.

Yusuf Al Sheikh Al Bir, the son of the detained Nazir said that has father has already been detained for two months and continues to be held in one of the camps of the South Sudan Army in Malakal. He said that his father had gone to South Sudan mediate problems including paying taxes for using grazing land in South Sudan.

Yusuf told Radio Tamazuj that his father is suffering from heart disease and was likely not to live without treatment. His current detention without treatment negatively affects his health. He appealed to relevant parties to help release his father.