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Reporting on threats to the free press, their defenders, new & old media initiatives, policy & practice. full dossier
Reporting on regional, international and multilateral initiatives related to South Sudanese affairs. full dossier
Reporting on justice, crime, courts and human rights abuses.  full dossier
The Blue Nile holds the key to Sudan's power: the huge Roseires Dam near Damazin. War threatens this megalith and has ravaged the countryside in the state's south. Sudan's... full dossier
The oil-rich Abyei area remains contested, and hosts UNISFA, an Ethiopian-manned peacekeeping force. View some recent and former reports from the region via links in the 'Related... full dossier
Caught between Darfur to the west, Abyei to the south, and Khartoum to the north, South Kordofan has been torn by war since June 2011. full dossier
Once a major driver in the 1983-2005 civil war, oil production now forms the economic basis for peace between Sudan and breakaway South Sudan.  full dossier
Negotiations between government and opposition delegations in the capital of Ethiopia aim to help determine the fate of South Sudan. full dossier
Hundreds of thousands displaced, livelihoods disrupted, development projects cancelled.  full dossier
Wide-ranging and exclusive coverage of national and state politics of Sudan and South Sudan. full dossier