Sudanese doctors report 210 dead in Khartoum during demonstrations

The head of the Sudanese Doctors’ Syndicate, Dr Ahmed Al Sheikh, said that an estimated number of 210 people were killed during the demonstrations of last week.

Al Sheikh noted that this number exceeds the numbers of dead during the popular revolts of October 1964 and March-April 1985.

He stated, in an interview with news site Hurriyaat, that most injuries caused by bullets were found in the head and chest.

Al Sheikh also reported that security forces forced most of the relatives of the protesters killed to agree on the death certificate mentioning “natural causes”, instead of live ammunition. The relatives were then forced to sign the forged death certificate.

Al Sheikh confirmed that the security forces have arrested and threatened a number of doctors with the aim to conceal what happened to the protesters killed and injured by live bullets.

The spokesman for the Ministry of Health of Khartoum state, Dr Muiz Hassan Bakhit, reported that the number of people killed during the demonstrations has reached 34 and more than  500 were injured. He confirmed that the hospitals in the Sudanese capital have received 32 new cases of which 27 injured people and five dead.

File photo: The bodies of casualties of the protests in Sudan (Twitter)