South Sudan’s ministry of education to publish 20 million textbooks

South Sudan’s National Minister of General Education Deng Deng Hoc has announced a plan to publish new 20 million textbooks to be used for instructions in the next six months, saying distribution is expected to begin in the first week of February 2018.

Speaking at a meeting held in the capital Juba today, Minister Deng Deng said that the new textbooks will be based on the new curriculum of South Sudan. Deng pointed out that the new textbooks aim to develop good citizens, lifelong learners and environmental citizens.

“The meeting is about the development of the textbooks. We are explaining to the publishers what kind of textbooks we need based on the curriculum of South Sudan,” Deng said.

“This stage is about developing the textbooks, it is basically about writing the textbooks, once they are written, then the second part is to print which is a separate process,” he added.

Deng noted that the government reached an agreement with China and Egypt to print the textbooks. The total budget for printing and transportation of the new textbooks to all counties is estimated to be between 60 to 70 million dollars.

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