New Abyei chief administrator pledges to reunite Ngok Dinka

Kuol Alor Kuol, Abyei’s new chief administrator, said he will use the local legislative council to reunite nine Ngok chiefdoms.

According to Abyei Today newsletter, the new chief administrator, stated there are few seats in the government, but counties must be represented in the council.

 Kuol further said members of the legislative council would be engaged in all issues, including development, service delivery and problem solving.

The official pointed out that 12 Ngok Dinka members of the 2009 shared legislature between Sudan and South Sudan are eligible, saying they will be joined by new members to be chosen through counties.

According to Kuol, a mixed council was recommended by President Salva Kiir upon his appointment recently. He added that the legislative council will comprise of 25 members, but most of the nine Ngok Dinka chiefdoms prefer to pick their own representatives.

 Kuol denied rumours about a proposal to establish a joint administration in Abyei. He pledged to follow the footsteps of his predecessor to achieve common objectives, saying he would explore different options to achieve them.

Kuol stressed that roads, health and education are his government’s top priorities.