Morobo FM off air

Morobo FM has been off air for the last two weeks due to electric and generator faults and listeners are now relying on news and information from UN Radio Miraya, said top management of the station on Thursday evening.

Diliga George, the station manager for Morobo FM, said the station generator has a technical problem and also a cable connection was burnt.

The manager added that efforts to restore the station back on air have been hampered by conflict in Juba since transport from Juba to Morobo still remained closed.

Diliga said they were also apart from Miraya people in Morobo used to get news from the internet using modems provided by telecom operators Zain and MTN, but these have been off since the outbreak of violence in Juba.

MTN and Zain users in this part of the state have reported that the two companies have gone off since security deteriorated in Yei, following violence in Juba. Vivacell remains the only telecom company working.