Foreign taxi drivers banned in Juba

Sudanese taxi drivers in Juba are grumbling about a decision by South Sudan’s Ministry of Interior that bans foreigners from driving.

Speaking to Radio Tamazuj yesterday, several foreign taxis drivers said the government last week barred them from driving in Juba without giving any notification.

They said the government is confiscating vehicles and demanding a fee of 600 SSP each for their release.

About 500 Sudanese drivers have already stopped working, the angry drivers said, and the ban has affected their families and caused a transportation crisis in Juba.

The Sudanese embassy in Juba has promised to intervene to solve the problem but has yet to issue a statement on the matter.

South Sudanese authorities have previously banned foreigners from operating motorcycle taxis, popularly known as boda-bodas, apparently in an attempt reduce crimes, though many observers say it was to protect jobs for locals.