CEPO demands action against soldiers accused of rape in Kubi village

A leading civil society organization in South Sudan on Friday, called on the SPLA leadership to take serious transparent legal actions against soldiers involved in committing human rights violation such as rape.

In a statement seen by Radio Tamazuj, Edmund Yakani, Executive Director of Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO), commended the SPLA leadership for ordering an investigation into reports of mass rape by government soldiers in Kubi village recently.

“Working towards preventing soldiers from committing human rights violations is a key and paramount responsibility and duty needed from the SPLA leadership,” said Yakani.

“Great that investigation is declared on the recent Kubi (Juba-Nimule road) rape incidents. Standing firm against soldiers committing rape should be demonstrated by the SPLA leadership,” he stressed.

Yakani urged the SPLA leadership to make the outcomes of the investigation public. “Investigations without public outcomes offer chances for the public not to have trust and confidence on attempts by the authorities for resolving public issues such as rape incidents committed by public officials such as soldiers,” he said.

Photo: Edmund Yakani (Radio Tamazuj)