14 people killed in Maban clashes: official

At least 14 members of the host community were killed in clashes with Blue Nile refugees supported by members of the SPLA-North rebel group near Doro camp in Maban County during Christmas holidays, a local official said.

Northeast Maban County Commissioner Mansour Mustafa Loma told Radio Tamazuj yesterday that armed men affiliated to the SPLM-North rebels were involved in the clashes with the host community near Doro camp in the area.

He pointed out that the incident resulted in the killing of at least 14 people from the host community, saying the clashes erupted between the two sides when a refugee was beaten to death by a local resident, prompting the Blue Nile refugees and members of the SPLA-North to retaliate.

“The people of Blue Nile came and attacked our people and their soldiers also attacked our people. So this issue should be solved, they clashed, now about 14 people have been killed from our side,” said Mustafa.

Meanwhile, multiples sources confirmed that government soldiers who hail from the local community in Maban were also involved in the clashes.

The local official called on humanitarian organizations not to allow SPLA-North soldiers to enter the refugee camp in the area.

For his part, spokesman of the SPLA-North, Arnu Ngutulu Lodi, denied knowledge of the clashes in Maban area.